Monday, January 04, 2010

Underrated and Under Read - a biased report

The excellent, fun comic Jersey Gods debuted last February at the New York Comic Con. It's a monthly bundle of fun, thanks to writer Glen Brunswick and the dynamic art of Dan McDaid. At first, sales were very good and the comic had a strong following. Then, gradually, interest seemed to dwindle. Maybe the time just wasn't right for the tone or style of the book. The new series Chew has done incredibly well - probably because the time is just right. Look at the names of very popular TV shows and their conceits - The Mentalist, Monk, House, Chuck... One-name-investigator-with-a-quirk is the soup de jour. A few people are now saying the book will have its day, maybe in a year or so. It will end up on lists called 'forgotten classics' or 'how did we miss?'.

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