Saturday, April 17, 2010

Colouring In

Not only have I been reading comics, I'm also being 'trained' to color inked pages. Dan bought me a nifty Bamboo tablet and I have been learning how to use Adobe Photoshop to colour.

I can only do flat colour at the moment. It will take ages for me to learn how to understand shading and light sources etc. I draw a bit (badly! If I can find them I'll publish the various pictures I've drawn over the last couple of years. They are hilarious) but like to dabble and, hopefully, will eventually understand more of the fundamentals. So, here is my first attempt. It's rubbish! The colours are garish and I have coloured it very lazily: there are lots of white spots, I've basically ruined Dan's sketch:

A few more goes later and I finally did something I was pleased with. It still just flats but it has a nice mood to it:

You can see that Dan does all the hard work really. It's really a case of choosing the right colour palette to compliment the style. This worked well for me when I coloured the next piece. A scene from an idea Dan had about a boxer called The Red Bolt. He's got loads of ideas for very cool comic strips, but too busy to develop anything properly right now. Bah!

Anyway, here is the coloured panel:

Again, you can see that Dan's inking does most of the work.

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