Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chat Noir

This picture has nothing to do with this blog post. It's Cosmo, soaking up some sun beams this afternoon on the back of the sofa. He disappeared into the garden around 10pm, came back half an hour later, making a lot of noise. We got up to see what the commotion was about - a very large and very dead mouse. He's been doing this a lot lately. He's so proud afterwards but we're torn between praising/thanking him and feeling very sorry for the little mice (exactly like Mouse Guard!) and birds.

We've had a noir week, while I've been on holiday and Dan sits at his desk. So far we've watched, Double Indemnity, The Killers, In a Lonely Place, Gilda, The Lady from Shanghai...I think that's all.

In a Lonely Place has to be the best so far. Bogart is troubled, Gloria Grahame smoulders and the story isn't just the usual man loses his soul thanks to some dame. The sense of alienation is palpable in this film. Bogart's character keeps weird hours - setting him apart from normal society; his apartment has barred gates; light filters through venetian blinds creating a cage-like effect. The film really has something to say about man's dark places and the psychological prison we can all find ourselves in.

Bogart is playing a freelance in this... I just hope Dan doesn't try to strangle me some day...

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