Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mini Comic-Con

We didn't go to San Diego, thanks to Dan's heavy workload and our light bank balance, but we did go to a local shindig, part of our local literary festival.

It was a small affair, with only a handful of speakers, but it did mean we had easy access to them: Pat Mills, Alan Davis, Dez Skinn and Rian Hughes.

Pat Mills talked at length about Requiem - a vampire epic - and he had an intriguing take on the comics industry. He has taken his wares to France, where comic books, he explained, are treated with a bit more reverence. Requiem has proved a major hit over there, even inspiring a clothing range, based on the costume designs in the book.

Alan Davis talked about his work and his methods at length. He talked about how he doesn't see comic panels and pages, as some do, like film scenes or film sequences. He used a page with huge motion lines and sound effects to illustrate his thinking. Comics can do things which film can't.

Dan chatted to Pat Mills about how to get kids reading comics, he talked to Alan Davis about drawing and Dez Skinn and he talked Doctor Who.

It was a small event, it rained mostly, and it meant getting up early on a Sunday - unheard of. Well done, our usually crap little city for organising it, though. They even have a Marvel Studies night class running at the university in September. About time, considering Dundee's history with folk like Dudley Watkins.

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