Wednesday, April 14, 2010


As well as kntting, I've also become a patchwork fiend. I put together a very untidy (and still unfinished) quilt three years ago, when we were selling our flat in Scotland to move to London for a bit.

It kept my mind busy when the roof suddenly started to leak and the rain never seemed to stop. Selling then moving all that way on a budget, to a flat we'd only heard about on the phone ...from my dad, of all people. Dad, who I love, is not the best person to ask about home comforts. A carpenter since he was a boy apprentice, he never quite mastered the art of home comforts in our house when I was growing up. Everything was half finished. I suppose that's why mum became the jack-of-all-trades. But, then again, this quilt is also half-finished and has been for three years, so who do I really take after...?

Dad's description of the flat in Kentish Town sounded okay. We arrived by train, excited and nervous, having finally sold the flat to a lovely young chap (roof repaired), while our few bits of furniture arrived via Shore Porters. We walked around the flat in the half light of a September evening. It seemed fine...until we realised there was no bedroom.

The tiny living room would double as our sleeping place. The flat we'd just sold had been enormous...Victorian and lofty...with seemingly hundreds of huge bay windows. I sat down in our tiny new flat and wept. Of course it all looked fine in the morning and we set about our London adventure.

The quilt is made up of patches of embroidered cotton. I chose quotations from Shakespeare (typical English teacher) which I could illustrate with simple embroidered pictures. Dan helped me with the illustrations. I really like it. I have no idea why I haven't finished it. Perhaps I am worried the finished piece won't look as good as it does in my head - nothing ever does!

The flowery bits are cut up old shirts which I'd worn to death but couldn't bear to throw away. It's backed with a piece of French red toile fabric which I'd originally bought to make curtains with, then couldn't be bothered.The quilt is edged with a lovely silky cranberry red ribbon.

The quilt is being modeled by our cat, Cosmo, who loves to sleep on my quilts. Sweet prince!

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