Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I think I may be a walking cliche. I'm an English teacher with a cat who loves Victorian literature, fabrics and paintings. Ah well. I stumbled upon a picture of a lovely vintage quilt when browsing the internet for reference pictures for a children's story I'm trying to write (another cliche) set during the period.

My effort uses similar colours, but is much less interesting. I wanted to keep it very simple, so that I would actually finish it and have something that can actually be used. It makes a very lovely throw on the back of our sofa by the window.

It's all hand sown (I don't own a sewing machine). The middle block is made from pieces of cotton squares which I bought as a job lot from Ebay. The border is a lovely fake silk which I bought from my local fabric shop. It's an olive colour and feels and looks exactly like raw silk. The backing is, again, a fake silk, this time in a deep red.

It didn't take long to do and has inspired me to be a bit more ambitious with the next project - a Mucha inspired quilt.

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